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The Academy of Geometric Arts (TAGA) West Sussex, England.


On behalf of the Principal, thank you for your interest in TAGA. All new students are invited to enrol for a 'Foundation Day' before attending more advanced classes. Private tuition and small groups.


Foundation Day In Sacred Geometry Mandala Arts. 

This workshop is an introduction to Sacred Geometry & Mandala Arts. The workshop starts at 10.30am and runs through to 4.30pm with a break for lunch. Your day will be divided into a morning of 'Theory' and an afternoon of 'Practice'. The cost is £320 inclusive for the day and you may invite 1 or 2 guests to join you for free. The objective of this workshop is not to make a finished work-of-art-object but to explore the potential to do so.


Weekend 'Paint a Mandala Workshop'. This workshop starts at 10.30am and runs through to 4.30pm with a break for lunch. Paints and canvas will be provided and students are expected to have their own equipment/sketchbooks and pencil case. The cost is £580 inclusive for the weekend and you may invite 1 guest to join you for free. The objective of this workshop is to make a finished work-of-art object.


When 'concept' becomes 'experience' our geometry becomes sacred.


Interested? for more information please email:



Brief History of TAGA.

The Academy was founded by Stephen Meakin in 2010 and in the last 9 years over 250 students have attended classes from all over Europe to study on short courses in Sacred Geometry and Mandala Arts at TAGA. The Academy is currently one of the only schools in Europe where the ancient cannons of the Geometers Craft are shared openly to initiate students in the use of geometry as a symbolic language and as a contemplative art-form in the spiritual imagination.


A short note from the Principal:


"Yes you can make beautiful works of art and I hope that you make art forever. So you have time! Relax because the real work you will need to do will be the work you do on 'yourself' but it's great to have an art practice to keep us occupied on our magnificent journey through space-time. You will make many circles so treat yourself to a good quality compass. The life-force within you knows everything you want to know and need to know. You can access your 'cleverness' by being totally full of 'wonderment'  yes look at the flowers and be amazed! (do not worry what others think for they are responsible for their own reality). Sometimes we all 'miss the point' just as in life, with geometry is no different sometimes we make a big mess so practice and practice eventually makes perfect. Words have power, magic and meaning so make use of your etymology dictionary. Geometry will 'unfold' in space before your eyes so try to keep an eye on your Centre Point! Experience your geometry as if it were a rose growing in quick-time right in front of you. Study the Temples of your ancestors as if they were the maps to hidden treasure. Try to see the book of nature (that's all the stuff both inside and outside of all of us) as interconnected and interdependent. Please don't use your pencil eraser like a crazy person better just to start again on a new page but remember that one pencil has 10 shades of grey so be soft and gentle until you are sure what you are doing. The Flower of Life is easy to draw but Study this little book for it will lead you home from the beginning. May you have a wonderful journey." Stephen Meakin


Mandala & Sacred Geometry School with Stephen Meakin Private Tuition     

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