Genre - Contemporary Sacred Geometry Mandala Art.

The Art of Stephen Meakin

21st Century Sun Disc Paintings and other inspired paintings and designs.

We are orbiting a Sun Star at about 67,062 miles an hour...


Sometimes wonderment can be more useful than cleverness.

Master Craftman & Fine Artsit Stephen Meakin is transforming movements in Abstract Geometric Arts by combining ancient ideas about Earth Measure and cosmology with scientific and astronomical observations. Geometry is one of our universal languages and sacred geometry presents a creation myt h in itself. Working persistantly and privately within this ontological genre of creative expression for 20 years, and like all Star Maker's from his lineage, he's been gifted the freedom to dance in the field of infinite symmetries. As you gaze at these rare paintings you can begin to recognise and somehow understand forms of great complexity and depth. A sovereign tonic for your existential imagination to be softened by the gentle simplicity in infinatly complex form. With Arc & Line this artwork, an academic exploration into the world of the Sacred presented as beautifully crafted Artworks with the luminescent and transcendent intimations of a much more ancient and mysterious Craft.

A yellow Buttercup flower has 5 petals and the blue-violet Chicory has 13.

Artist Stephen Meakin, born in Staffordshire, spent his formative years living on the suburban edge of the cities of Bath and Brighton and laterly in the ancient town of Lewes. Now he works from his studio in on the edge of the South Downs National Park in Sussex, England.  On this website you can see his exquisite paintings that explore our world-view through the universal language of geometry in nature (earth-measure). These inspired paintings explore ancient knowledge, universal patterns and the archetypes that can be found all over the world in ancient arts and temple architecture. This beautiful art seen as an expression of the paradox in the unity of diversity. The Circle representing completness or wholity. The Academy encourages other students to engage with the perpetual renewal of the Western Mandala Tradition (by reference).

Traditionally ours was always a circular story. This story now consealed behind a linear concept of time. All Star Makers are Map Makers. They are required and inspired to know how to contruct, by heart, a system of geometric and bio-morphic forms decoded through the Arc of Time. Just as in The History of Art, The History of Geometry is peppered with spherical, circular, Tetradic and Trianglar 'spiritual' or 'religious' Temples of art and architecture. From The Merry Maidens of Cornwall, the Sacred Art of Lindisfarne and West Rose at Chartres Cathedral, Stephen Meakin draws inspiration through his passion for cross cultural research including enthused study of the Sacred Mandala's of Tibet, the stunning Shamsa paintings of Persia and the luxuriant Tezhip Ottoman Illuminations.

“Mighty is Geometry and when joined with Art it becomes resistless.” ― Euripides

Made in England

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