Genre: Geomeric Art, Sacred Geometry, Mandala, Universal Art


The Mandala Company - Paintings & Prints by The Artist Stephen Meakin.

Welcome to the Art of The Star Makers.

Mandala! the prefered geometric multi-dimentional art genre thats simultaneously inspirational; yet, contemplatively intriguing. 

Stephen Meakin painting a beautiful mandala Mandala Art - Beautiful hand-finished mandala prints

Contemporary Temples.

These exquisite mandalas tread the line between art and visionary medicine; sigil and yantra.

Star Maker's are a lineiage of artists who like to explore; number, and geometry using the technical secrets of the Traditional Visual Arts. They have been doing it for thousands of years and for the last 20 of them artist Stephen Meakin has been Integrating Celtic, Gothic and Persian Geometric Patterns and creating beautifully crafted contemporary artworks that carry the luminescent and transcendent intimations of a much more ancient craft. These large, often abstract, mandala paintings look and feel incredibly wholesome.

We are orbiting a Sun Star at about 67,062 miles an hour...

Mandala being photographed and colour calibrated The Art of Stephen Meakin - Phoenix Mandala Colour Calibrations

Genre: Geometric Art, Sacred Geometry, Mandala.

Made in England

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