Genre - Contemporary North European Sacred Geometry and Mandala Art.

Sacred Geometry Mandala - The Art of Stephen Meakin

21st Century Sun Disc Paintings and other inspired works.

Stephen Meakin is world-renowned for his highly recognisable signature aesthetic. A master of hand-crafted Sacred Geometry and Mandala Art represented for our time. These kaleidoscopic paintings have such an ethereal beauty it's like seeing music forming in air each with its own rhythm, cadence and tone. Created with the technical perfection of Celtic and Persian ornamental design and with mystical directive of the Sacred Mandala. Stephen Meakin creates paintings to Celebrate the Universe in all it's awesome radiant beauty from snowflake to super nova.  Welcome to the art of The Star Makers.

We are orbiting a Sun Star at about 67,062 miles an hour.

Sacred Geometry expert Stephen Meakin explains how to use Sacred Geometry and make Mandala Art in Lewes, East Sussex. The Star Makers - Contemporary English Spiritual Art by Stephen Meakin,

This is a wholesome Art about good feelings and created to remind us of the sensation of completeness. Just like nomadic tribes you can see that Stephen Meakin uses geometry as the archetypal language of creation and just like all Star Maker's from his lineage, he is dancing in the field of infinite symmetries.  This work is an adult exploration into the world of the Sacred presented as beautifully crafted Artworks with the luminescent and transcendent intimations of a much more ancient craft.

Paintings transmit the beauty of creation & remind us of the depth in wellbeing.

Artist Stephen Meakin works from his studio in Lewes, England.  On this website you can see many of his exquisite paintings that explore our world-view through the universal language of geometry (earth-measure). These inspired paintings explore ancient knowledge and universal patterns and the archetypes that can be found all over the world in ancient art and temple architecture. This beautiful art seen as an expression of unity in diversity, the holistic arts of none-duality and the perpetual renewal of the Western Mandala tradition (by reference).

The Art of Stephen Meakin is inspired by system of geometric structures and bio-morphic forms involving the mathematics of space and time. The History of Geometry is peppered with what could described as circular 'spiritual' or 'religious' art and architecture. Traditionally ours was a circular story. Take a look at Sacred places such as The Merry Maidens in Cornwall or at the illuminated Sacred Art of The Lindisfarne Gospels and the West Rose at Chartres Cathedral. Stephen Meakin draws inspiration through cross cultural research including the Sacred Mandala of Tibet and the stunning Shamsa paintings of Persia.

Craft, Skill and Application - Sacred Geometry and Mandala Arts Understood.

Stephen Meakin has an exhibition of mandala paintings in London 2015 Contemporary Spiritual Art - Sacred Geometry & Mandala Art by Stephen Meakin

Love the Art of Stephen Meakin - inspired works of contemporary art.

The Antiquarian Society

Made in England

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