Genre - Contemporary Sacred Geometry and Mandala Arts.

Design Projects - Portfolio of Works

21st Century Sun Disc Paintings and other inspired works of art.

Stephen Meakin's portfolio of works covers a wide range of art commissions and design projects completed in-between his fine art practice. These projects range from calculating the angles and alignments for a contemporary Stone Circle based on astronomical observation to designing an Illuminated well-being DVD cover. This specialist project required the fusion of a traditional Medcine Wheel design with a Celtic Tree of Life design and distributed to children in 1200 Hospices and Hospitals throughout the UK.

Arista - The Farmacy Restaurant Mandala - Commisson to paint an Egyptian themed mandala 2016

Arista Sunstar: This mandala commission is now exhibited in London’s first 100% combined healthy eatery, juice bar and health food store. With over 400 hours design time this mandala was completed in just 5 weeks from gesso to varnish and designed specifically with unique messages and motifs to reinforce the goodness in a wholesome diet ( We hope you enjoy our visually nutritious and nourishing mandala with it's subtle Egyptian themed Blue Lotus detail (from Hathor Temple , Dendera) held within a broad sun-collar of jewelled faience beads around a burning sun wheel.

The Farmacy Restaurant London - Sacred Geometry Mandala - Arista The Farmacy Mandala - Arista mixed medium on canvas - The Farmacy Restaurant 74 Westbourne Grove London

These illustrations below are available as a greetings card collection entitled "Ethnospherics"

The 'ethnosphere' is the idea that "the sum total of all thoughts and dreams, ideas and myths, intuitions and inspirations exist as an energy field brought into being by the human imagination since the dawn of consciousness (akashic record?). We can tune in to it like a wave frequency...this knowledge is our inheritance"

The Art of Sacred Geometry Illustrated by Stephen Meakin Contemporary Spiritual Art by Stephen Meakin - Sacred Geometry & mandala
Sacred Geometry used for Labyrinth Design by Artist Stephen Meakin The Sacred Geometry of Stephen Meakin

Three years in the making, Relax and Dream directed by Kate Murdoch whose inspired music work has been at the bedsides of sick babies and children in hospital, and the need for connection with the natural environment and soothing sounds whilst undergoing treatment. The design brief was to create and design for theDVD cover specifically for the customer. All the white hearts. dots, text and detail on the front are silver foiled.

Contemporary Spiritual Art by Stephen Meakin - Sacred Geometry & mandala The Illuminated Art of Stephen Meakin - "The Tree of Wellbeing" - 2014 - A Medcine Wheel, Dream Catcher and Tree of Life - Inks and Gouache on Paper
Mandala Designs by Artist Stephen Meakin at The Mandala Gallery, Lewes, East Sussex World Class - The Art of Sacred Geometry by Artist Stephen Meakin
The Art of Sacred Geometry - Artist Stephen Meakin The Art of Sacred Geometry by Artist Stephen Meakin - Design for Sahara Force India VJM07

Orphic Elements in Abstract Art

These images below are from series of paintings called "Orphic Elements" 2005 - 2006. Originally Inspired by research into Greek and Egyptian hieroglyphics as ancient forms of graffiti. Sigels and logo's were often created to aid the souls journey into afterlife. Orpheus was said to have invented the Mysteries of Dionysus traced back to the 6th century BC or at least 5th century BC, and graffiti of the 5th century BC apparently refers to "Orphics". Classical sources, such as Plato, refer to "Orpheus-initiators" (Ὀρφεοτελεσταί), and associated rites, initiation into Orphic mysteries promised advantages in the afterlife.

The Art of Stephen Meakin - "Orphic Elements" - 2005 - Inks and Gouache on Paper

Stephen Meakin's paintings can be found in private collections all over the world. These abstract paintings formed part of a series of works that explore space and composition. He is influsenced by masters of abstract composition, Wassily Kandinsky & Joan Miro. Yelow Moon Groove hangs in a Public Art Collection in Holland.

Images of Paintings and Designs by Artist Stephen Meakin The Abstract Art of Stephen Meakin
Mandala Artist Stephen Meakin Sacred Geometry - The Mystic Rose in Dubai
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