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21st Century Sun Disc Paintings and other inspired works of art.

Stephen Meakin Explains how to use Sacred Geometry to make Mandala Art 2015 New Spiritual Art of Sacred Geometry and Mandala paintings by Stephen Meakin

Paintings transmit the beauty of creation & remind us of the depth in wellbeing.

Art and Universal Patterns. Stephen Meakin is a Traditional Artist living in Lewes, a small town with a bohemian spirit in East Sussex, England. He makes his living selling stunning paintings and print editions whilst exploring our world-view through the arts and science of pattern making. Just like many ancient cultural traditions, he uses a system of geometric structures involving the mathematics of space, time and form. The History of Geometry is full of what could be called spiritual or religious symbols expressed as art and architecture in Sacred Places such as Stonehenge or Angkor Wat or in Sacred Art as seen in The Lindisfarne Gospels, The West Rose at Chartres Cathedral, the Sacred Mandala of Tibet and the Shamsa paintings from Persia.

This is why we call this language Sacred Geometry. Artists inspired by the manifest world create architectonic patterns by learning from Nature. For example, circles as the disc of the moon reflects in the eyes of a loved one or the chambered nautilus that grows at a constant rate and so its shell forms a logarithmic spiral to accommodate that growth without changing shape. Honeybees construct hexagonal cells to hold their honey. Venus dances a beautiful pentagon in the skies every eight years demonstrating the cosmic significance of geometry. The genius of Stephen Meakin is his ability to comprehend the vastness of interplanetary space and the simplicity of a forget-me-not flower simultaneously.

Craft, Skill and Application - Sacred Geometry and Mandala Arts Understood.

Stephen Meakin is creating Sacred Geometry and Mandala Art

The Theory and Practice of this kind of artwork will open your mind.

The theory and practice of this kind of artwork will open your mind to the bigger picture of what it means to be human at this time in history. Standing on the shoulders of our for-fathers we may see further. Stephen Meakin has accumulated knowledge drawn from the rich and fertile soils of cross-culture understanding. Sacred Geometry, Shamsa and Global Mandala Arts, once experienced and understood, help us to connect to the vastness of space and the extraordinary beauty in our creation. Evolved out of apparent chaos these paintings can remind us of something other.

"I am often asked where I begin a painting and I start with a dot or in this case the pin prick from my beam compass. The 'point moment' is experienced as the Genesis or Birth. The Secret of Geometry lies in its simplicity and the Sacred of Geometry rests in your heart. You experience the unfolding of pattern in space as something understood and something true as if revealed to you. The potential for design and spacial experimentation is incredible and for many artists, exploring the philosophical and creative potential within this Genre can become a life-times work. "

Sacred Geometry in The Art of Stephen Meakin The Art of Sacred Geometry and Mandala Arts - The Art of Stephen Meakin - Pen and Ink drawings 2014

Love the Art of Stephen Meakin - inspired works of contemporary art.

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