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21st Century Sun Disc Paintings and other inspired works of art.

Sacred Geometry expert Stephen Meakin explains how to use Sacred Geometry and make Mandala Art in Lewes, East Sussex. Lewes Artists 2015 - Contemporary English Spiritual Art - Sacred Geometry and Mandala paintings by Stephen Meakin,

Paintings transmit the beauty of creation & remind us of the depth in wellbeing.

Artist Stephen Meakin lives in Lewes, East Sussex. This small town whose genius loci could be described as "gentle and firm" rests in the valley of the river Ouse in the South Downs National Park. On this website you can see many of his exquisite paintings that explore our world-view through the universal language of geometry (earth-measure). These inspired paintings explore ancient knowledge and universal patterns that can be found all over the world in ancient art and temple architecture as an expression of unity in diversity and the arts of none-duality.

The Art of Stephen Meakin uses a system of geometric structures and bio-morphic forms involving the mathematics of space and time. The History of Geometry is peppered with what could described as circular 'spiritual' or 'religious' art and architecture. Sacred Places such as The Merry Maidens in Cornwall or in the illuminated Sacred Art of The Lindisfarne Gospels or the West Rose at Chartres Cathedral. Stephen Meakin draws inspiration through cross cultural research including the Sacred Mandala of Tibet and the stunning Shamsa paintings of Persia.

Craft, Skill and Application - Sacred Geometry and Mandala Arts Understood.

Stephen Meakin has an exhibition of mandala paintings in London 2015 Contemporary mandala art at London Olympia 2015

We are orbiting a Sun Star at about 67,062 miles an hour.

The theory and practice of this kind of artwork can open your mind to the bigger picture of what it means to be human at this time in history. Stephen Meakin has accumulated knowledge drawn from the rich and fertile soils of cross-culture understanding. Sacred Geometry, Shamsa and Global Mandala Arts, once experienced and understood, help us to connect to the vastness of space and the extraordinary beauty in our creation. Evolved out of apparent chaos these paintings can remind us of something other. 

"I am often asked where I begin a painting and I start with a dot or in this case the pin prick from my beam compass. The 'point moment' is experienced as the Genesis or Birth. The Secret of Geometry lies in its simplicity and the Sacred of Geometry rests in your heart. You experience the unfolding of pattern in space as something understood and something true as if revealed to you. The potential for design and spacial experimentation is incredible and for many artists, exploring the philosophical and creative potential within this Genre can become a life-times work. "

Sacred Geometry in The Art of Stephen Meakin The Art of Sacred Geometry and Mandala Arts - The Art of Stephen Meakin - Pen and Ink drawings 2014

Love the Art of Stephen Meakin - inspired works of contemporary art.

The Mystic Rose Exhibition at Mind Body Spirit Festival 2015 Mind Body Spirit Festival 2015
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